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Epistemology and Language 

Oct 2023

“Distinctions between Sheer Deference and Firsthand Insight: A Psychological point of View” COGITO/Seville Summer School on the Epistemology of Ernest Sosa. Universidad de Sevilla Sevilla,Spain

Oct 2022

“Understanding and Reasoning,” The Epistemology of Understanding Workshop, The University of Zurich

Classical Chinese Philosophy

Sep 2023
"Regularity (cháng 常) in Xunzi: What is beyond the regularity is beyond words,” Varieties of Ineffability in Ancient Philosophy, Online Conference, Oxford, Toronto and KCL.
Sep 2022
“Understanding in the Xunzi,” BIPPA Conference on the History of Hindu, South-Asian and Chinese Philosophy, KCL
Apr 2019
“The Role of Affective Attitu
des in the Mohist Notion of Moral Judgment," Uehiro Philosophy Graduate Conference, The University of Hawaii.

Presentation at Home Department   

Feb 2024 "Understanding as cognitive satisfaction," Advanced Research Seminar. KCL

May 2023  “A Corpus-based research on the linguistic uses of ‘understand’ in English, Mandarin, and  Cantonese,” Advanced Research Seminar. KCL

Oct 2022 “Understanding and Reasoning,” Advanced Research Seminar. KCL

Sep 2020 "Understanding as Construction," HKU Graduate Seminar Series. HKU

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