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Teaching competence


Upper-level courses in Western philosophy:


  • Philosophy of Language

  • Epistemology (syllabus in my teaching dossier)

  • Philosophy of Cognitive Science

  • Philosophy of the Mind


Introductory level courses in Western philosophy

  • Ethics

  • Metaphysics


Upper-level courses in Chinese philosophy

  • Language, Mind, and Knowledge in Classical Chinese Philosophy (syllabus in my teaching dossier)

  • Classical Chinese Ethics

  • Traditional Chinese Political Theory


I also designed two upper-level courses that are rarely offered, at least in North America and the UK:

  • Aesthetics in Chinese Tradition (please email me for syllabus)

  • Feminist Philosophy in Chinese Music, Poetry, and Literature


Introductory level in Chinese Philosophy

  • Introduction to Classical Chinese Philosophy

  • History of Chinese philosophy


Teaching Experiences 

Graduate Teaching Assistant @LSE

2023-2024 Sem 1&2:

PH103 The Big Questions: An Introduction to Philosophy (Selections on happiness, consciousness, knowledge, time and space, free will, truth, and democracy)


Graduate Teaching Assistant @KCL

2022-2023 Sem 2:

4AANA103 Metaphysics

4MBBS104 Introduction to Values Based Clinical Practice: Philosophy Block

2022-2023 Sem 1:

4AANA002 Ethics I

Tutor @HKU

2019-2020 Sem1:

PHIL247 Moral Psychology in the Chinese Tradition

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